Exceline Electronic Surge Protector Review

Exceline Electronic Surge Protector Review
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Exceline Electronic Surge Protector: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • The high-joule rating makes it suitable for valuable appliances
  • It conforms to all the safety standards
  • High-quality components are used exhibiting an exceptional performance

What We Don't Like

  • The price is a bit high and there are cheaper alternatives available in the market
  • The coaxial connection may make the signals weak

Most of the time, we find surge protectors which contain multiple outlets to support a large number of devices. This is quite different from the rest because one cannot use it with more than one device. However, the biggest advantage of this surge protector is its increased mobility. It can even be carried in your pocket because of its small size.

This enables you to use the surge protector anywhere and at any time and protect your devices even while being on-the-go. It is suitable for most household items including the washer, dryer, and different types of TV including LED, LCD, and plasma.

Exceline Electronic Surge Protector Review

Manufactured by Exceline, this small surge protector is suitable for small appliances and can protect them from sudden power surges. They will help you in safeguarding your device against blackouts and low- and high-voltage situations.

The item comes with a warranty of three years. During this time, if an electrical event renders the device to be useless then the company will exchange it for the user free of cost. This shows that the product has been made from high-quality components and is resilient enough to stand the test of time for at least 3 years.

Who is this product for?

The product is specially designed for low-end appliances like washers and televisions which only take a small amount of small power to function. It is not suitable for high-end electronics like the home theater systems and can cause damage to them in the case of the power surge.

It is better to use it for household items and not to attach this surge protector to any important equipment used in the office. However, considering the mobility factor, it can also be used to charge the laptop and smartphones, especially if you are traveling. This will ensure that the difference in the voltage or the unexpected fluctuation doesn’t result in any sort of damage.

What’s included?

The Exceline Electronic Surge Protector comes with a single power outlet enabling you to connect only one device with it at a time. The highlight of this product is that monitors the voltage and displays it with the help of its lights.

There are four lights on this surge protector and each of them is there to display distinct voltage situations. One is for the normal voltage, the second one for time delay, the third displays high voltage, and the last light on the surge protector will indicate if the voltage is low.

This helps the user knowing the state of the voltage and he can act accordingly. If the voltage is too high or too low, he will unplug the device and wait until it returns to the normal value.

Overview of features

Weighing 5.6 ounces, this surge protector comes with the dimensions of 4 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches. It is small enough to fit into your pocket or bag and can easily be carried anywhere to provide protection for your valuable devices.

Usually, it is used for household appliances which do not run on high power and can easily withstand power surges of optimum magnitude. There are light indicators for different voltage levels and for the time delay too.

It also allows a time delay of 30 seconds which means that during this time you can disconnect the device and save it from the power surge. If you are able to do so, your device will be saved from a significant damage and will retain its value and quality.

How to use it

Using this surge protector is not at all difficult as a manual is already attached to it. You can get the detailed information from a number of sources and make it easy for yourself to use this surge protector.


Considering the limited capacity of this surge protector, there are a number of alternatives available in the market which can be used in its place:

Tripp Lite SpikeCube

This one is also a small-size surge protector which only allows one device to be connected. It is suitable for frequent travelers who will find it convenient to be used with their laptops and cell phones.

AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector

If you want something which will allow you to connect multiple devices without being too heavy on the budget, this surge protector is the best choice. It will allow up to 6 devices to be connected and the power cord will ensure that you get enough flexibility while connecting the devices.


This surge protector is suitable for devices requiring low power particularly the home appliances. It is a great option because of its small size and increased mobility but in terms of protection, it is not suitable for high-end devices. However, the 30-second delay is a splendid feature which can save any device from harm.

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